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Manual:Tools/Dynamic DNS - MikroTik Wiki Dynamic DNS Update Tool gives a way to keep domain name pointing to dynamic IP address. It works by sending domain name system update request to name server, which has a zone to be updated. Secure DNS updates are also supported. The DNS update tool supports only one algorithm - hmac-md5. It's the only proposed algorithm for signing DNS messages. What Does Dynamic DNS Mean? Nov 11, 2019 DDNS - Debian Wiki

In order to set up dynamic DNS on your server, first you need to make sure you're running BIND9 or better - as of this article, you want BIND 9.3.1. server# which named /usr/sbin/named server# named -v BIND 9.3.1 client# which named /usr/sbin/named client# named -v BIND 9.3.1 Okay, good.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) usually is used in environs where an ISP doesn't offer a static public IP address. To enjoy the benefits of DNS in such cases Dynamic_DNS has been developed. A Dynamic DNS provider assigns a hostname to the current, public IP address. Any time this IP address changes, an update request points the hostname to the new address. Work is underway to make dynamic DNS updating smooth, safe, and correct for OpenVPN users. At this time, the project is brand new, and should only be approached by users comfortable with troubleshooting. It is assumed that early testers know how to configure a DNS server for dynamic updating.

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Dynamic DNS Dynamic DNS offers a resolution to a common problem that many users have. ISP's constantly change their IP, and for one reason or another, they get blocked by their server's firewall. Often, it's not the user's fault. Its not that they are logging in 40 times with the wrong password, but rather they've simply exceeded the firewall's max_connections while developing their sites, or Dynamix - Free Dynamic DNS Service