Converting Intel NUC Mini-PC into state-of-the-art router

Nov 03, 2015 Welcome to Netgate - Secure networks start here™ Been using pfSense for our firewall/IDS for 5 years across multiple sites for work in HA carp config and it is outstanding. Just does most things exceptionally well. Financial Services. Goran J. Heard about pfSense in 2010 and was absolutely stunned about how feature-rich it was. It was unbelievable! 8 years later I run 15 production firewalls Protectli Wifi Kit - Protectli Therefore, mini PCIe WiFi cards that are not designed for USB communication are not compatible with the Vault. For information on using this card with pfSense, please see our documentation. Wireless B/G/N at 2.4GHz Kit includes Half Height to full height adapter, screws, antennas, antenna cables, and …

May 06, 2016

pfSense® 2.4.x: WIFI configuration an illustrated guide If on pfsense you have a WIFI card and you want that, who connects to this wifi, is part of the LAN network (so it will take the DHCP of the LAN, will have a LAN address, etc.), it will be necessary to create a bridge between the LAN and WIFI as described in this guide.

Jul 08, 2017

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