Feb 24, 2015 · Note: If you use a Windows computer, download the AirPort Utility from Apple and follow the OS X directions. OS X - Click the Wi-Fi menu and select your AirPort new base station. iOS - Open the Settings app, tap "Wi-Fi", and then tap your new AirPort base station.

Setting Up Apple AirPort Wireless Router : 10 Steps Testing Your Internet. This step is the single most important step and could save you a ton of time … Apple TV (2nd Gen) Router Settings - NETGEAR Communities Re: Apple TV (2nd Gen) Router Settings Hello, I know this thread is about a year old, but I am having the hardest time trying to find the setting to get my 2nd gen. AppleTV to connect with my itunes library.

Yes I to had the exact same problem (UK) with all itunes everywhere in the house Apple Tv 3, Mac itunes and Iphone Itunes. What you need to do is access your router settings online for example mine is 192.. into your adress bar and then the rest of the digits (if not sure look it up). once in there you need to head on to the advanced settings and from there you need to reset your enternet

First of all, (and very un-apple), this is one of the cheapest AC1750 Routers on the market. In fact, if you look at the Hardware, the equivalent routers are Asus AC68U and Netgear R7000 Nighthawk. In fact, my plans was to get an Asus AC66U (Which is a generation older AC Router, but rather popular). How do I change the WiFi on my Apple TV? | AnswersDrive

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