Dec 28, 2019 · Jewel v. NSA, EFF’s landmark case challenging NSA’s mass spying moved forward in 2019, setting up a crucial decision for the Ninth Circuit in 2020. We’ve pursued this case for over a decade because we believe that mass surveillance, like all general search and seizure schemes, is both illegal and unconstitutional.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation sued the NSA and government agencies on behalf of AT&T customers. EFF argues that the government's dragnet surveillance of AT&T customers' communications is unconstitutional. The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and 18 other media organizations, filed an amicus brief in support of EFF's motion for partial summary judgment. The media coalition JEWEL V. NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY 9 “Upstream” collection, and that this program is an element of the government’s collection of communications under FISA § 702. Under this program, the NSA designates “non-U.S. persons located outside the United States who are reasonably believed to possess or receive, or are likely to communicate A different case by the Electronic Frontier Foundation was filed on September 18, 2008, titled Jewel v. NSA. After many years of litigation, on April 25, 2019, ruling from the Northern District of California for Jewel v. xiv Jewel et. al. v. National Security Agency et. al, 4:08-cv-04373 (Order Granting as Modified 335 Stip. to Modify Briefing Schedule and Hearing Date on Plaint Motions to Dissolve Discovery Stay, N.D. Cal 2016). Nov 06, 2015 · Friday News: The Rap Year Book, that tea video, Jewel v. NSA, and Prufrock comic Janet Publishing News bestseller lists / comic book / internet surveillance / legal hearing / poetry / privacy / Prufrock / social media / TS Eliot 2 Comments EFF’s case challenging NSA spying, Jewel v. NSA, has come further than any case trying to end the government’s mass surveillance programs. Our clients have survived multiple efforts by the government to end the case, and they continue to push for their day in court. As a result, we’re no stranger to overcoming legal obstacles thrown our way. Feb 10, 2015 · The case, known as Jewel v. NSA, was originally brought by the EFF on behalf of Carolyn Jewel, a romance novelist who lives in Petaluma, California, north of San Francisco. For years, the case

Feb 11, 2015 · Today’s ruling in Jewel v. NSA was not a declaration that NSA spying is legal. The judge decided instead that “state secrets” prevented him from ruling whether the program is constitutional.

NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY 21605 COUNSEL Cindy Cohn, Lee Tien, Kurt Opsahl, Kevin S. Bankston, James S. Tyre, ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION, 21606 JEWEL v. NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY San Francisco, California, for the plaintiff-appellant; Rachael E. Meny, Paula L. Blizzard, Michael S. Kwun, Audrey Walton-Hadlock, KEKER & VAN NEST LLP, for the

On March 10, 2015, the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that supports Wikipedia and its sister projects, filed suit against the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), among others.The Foundation and its eight co-plaintiffs are represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).The lawsuit is a challenge to dragnet surveillance by

NSA, AT&T Warrantless Wiretapping Case Set for Court | … 2011-8-30 · "The outcome of both Jewel v. NSA and Hepting v. AT&T will be crucial not only to those who wish to stop the spying and regain the privacy of our communications, but to upholding the 模板:NSA surveillance - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 2020-2-21 · v. AT&T ) · Jewel诉国安局案 ( 英语 : Jewel v. NSA ) · 克拉珀诉大赦国际案 ( 英语 : Clapper v. Amnesty International ) 揭黑幕者 威廉·宾内 ( 英语 : William Binney (U.S. intelligence official) ) · 汤玛斯·安德鲁·德拉克 Amicus for Jewel v. NSA - Zero Aggression The case is Jewel v. National Security Agency. The Electronic Frontier Foundation and several individual plaintiffs filed suit against the NSA for its dragnet surveillance of internet communications.