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The user-space application program iptables allows configuring the tables provided by the Linux kernel firewall, as well as the chains and rules it stores. Saving Iptables Firewall Rules Permanently - Thomas-Krenn-Wiki Dec 13, 2013 Where is iptables config file - LinuxQuestions.org Sep 12, 2007 netfilter/iptables project homepage - The netfilter.org iptables is a generic table structure for the definition of rulesets. Each rule within an IP table consists of a number of classifiers (iptables matches) and one connected action (iptables target). netfilter, ip_tables, connection tracking (ip_conntrack, nf_conntrack) and the NAT subsystem together build the major parts of the framework.

iptables configuration requires specification of a “table”, a “chain” and the rule details. A chain is a group of rules. The rules in a chain are applied in a context defined both by the chain itself and a “table”. The table is a group of chains. The table defines a global context and chains define a …

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Step-By-Step Configuration of NAT with iptables. This tutorial shows how to set up network-address-translation (NAT) on a Linux system with iptables rules so that the system can act as a gateway and provide internet access to multiple hosts on a local network using a single public IP address. How to Set Up Gateway Using iptables and route on Linux